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Single Mom University® is the largest online life skills classroom in the U.S. for single moms. We provide a self-paced learning environment with hundreds of classes, accessible 24-7, including a variety of parenting, financial, spiritual, and emotional wellness topics. There is also a special ministry leader track for single mom support group & ministry leaders, including years of curriculum for your group! SMU can be used in individual or group study. Get started today!

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
~Benjamin Franklin

Skills to last
a Lifetime.

Single Mom University® is a self-paced, online educational environment for single moms and single mom ministry leaders with everything from parenting & finances to abuse & co-parenting. We've got it all!

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Single Mom University® courses are designed to teach financial security, positive parenting, self-care, Christian growth, and more. Classes incorporate curriculum in three core areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness.

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