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Parenting Courses


Helping Your Children Thrive
  • Children & Trauma
  • Helping Your Child Through Divorce or Loss

Navigating Parenting Seasons
  • Parenting for First Time Moms
  • Parenting for Pre-Teens & Teens
  • Parenting Young Adult Children
  • Techniques for Dealing with Toddler Tantrums
  • I Have a Baby, Now What?

Single Moms Raising Boys
  • Raising Boys as the Next Generation for Christ
  • Being a Step Ahead of the Battle
  • Mentoring Support for Your Son

The Daddy Gap
  • Unprotected - Raising Girls Alone
  • Tell Me There's a Plan for Us
  • Raising Girls Alone

Adult Children 101
  • Navigating Through Empty Nest
  • Establishing Boundaries with Adult Children
  • Learning to Let Go

The Perfection Infection
  • The Perfection Infection
  • No More Perfect Kids Pt. 1
  • No More Perfect Kids Pt. 2

  • Forgiving Your Ex
  • Co-Parenting

A Single Mom in the Life of Special Needs
  • Support
  • Education and Training
  • Referrals

Single Parenting 101
  • Five Parenting Tips
  • The 4 C's of Parenting
  • Lose the Mom Guilt
  • Evaluating the "I" in Parenting

Instant Stress Relief for Moms on the Move
  • Lower Your Expectations of Others & Yourself
  • Change Your Self Talk
  • Expect the Unexpected

Positive Parenting
  • The Power of a Mom's Attitude
  • The Power of a Mom's Example
  • The Power of a Mom's Words
  • Things Single Moms Can Do to Positively Impact Their Children

Raising Respectful Kids
  • Self Respect vs. Self Esteem
  • Coach vs. Cheerleader
  • Repetition as a Discipline

Health & Wellness Courses


Preparing for Marriage
  • Navigating Blended Family Living
  • Dating Best Practices
  • Helping Your Child Adjust to New Marriage
  • Preparing to Blend

  • Self-Care pt. 1
  • Self-Care pt. 2
  • Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer
  • Refueling Your Spirit When You're Running On Empty

Navigating the New
  • Goodbye and Hello
  • Excess Baggage
  • Fear Not

Freedom from the Past
  • Soul Ties
  • Navigating the Shame Vault
  • Breaking Cycles
  • How to Walk in Freedom

Get Moving!
  • Top Benefits of Exercise
  • Top Ways to Integrate Exercise
  • Ways to Get Moving

Strong Mental Health
  • Battling Anxiety
  • Developing a Strong Support Team
  • Mental Health & Walking with God
  • Counseling 101
  • Battling the Blues

Dating: How & When
  • Dating: How & When
  • Signs You're Dating Mr. Wrong
  • 6 Tips for Dating as a Single Mom

Healthy Sexuality
  • Every Single Woman's Battle
  • Becoming Completely His
  • The Fantasy Fallacy
  • Practical Tips to Put Down Porn

Overcoming Abuse
  • Surviving & Overcoming Abuse
  • Effective Coping Skills
  • Moving Past Your Past

Help for Busy Moms
  • Time, Balance, and Priority
  • Schedule Like a Pro
  • Evaluate & Adjust

Sex & Dating
  • Why Purity?
  • Identifying Toads, the Counterfeits
  • Establishing Dating Boundaries
  • Sex & Lies

The Battle
  • Strength in the Battle
  • Battling Well
  • Secrets to Success with Difficult People pt.1
  • Secrets to Success with Difficult People pt.2

Eating Healthy
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • How to Eat Right When You are Busy
  • How to Choose the Best Foods

No More Excuses
  • No Room for Doubt
  • Nothing is Impossible

Growing with God
  • Where is God in Crisis?
  • Top Ways to Grow Your Faith
  • Devotional Time: How, Why, When?
  • An Effective Prayer Life

Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Fear
  • The Power of Love
  • Soul Wounds

Financial Courses


Planning for Your Financial Future
  • Planning for Your Child's College
  • Retirement Planning & Strategies
  • Moving From Lack to Abundance

Responsible Finances
  • Making a Budget: 10-10-80 Rule
  • Budgeting: Spreadsheets & Tracking
  • 25 Ways to Save
  • Tithing as a Single Mom

Credit & Finances
  • Credit Score Basics
  • Credit & Debt
  • Saving & Investing

Money Matters
  • Why Money Management Matters
  • Surviving Financial Crisis

Entrepreneurship 101
  • Building Your Brand
  • Starting a Business from the Ground Up
  • Developing a Strong Work-From-Home Business
  • Biblical Principles in Entrepreneurship

Career Development
  • Best Practices When Looking for a Job
  • Top Things Every Woman in the Workplace Should Know
  • Shattering Glass Vases

Poor Mind, Poor Life
  • Identifying & Overcoming the Poverty Mindset
  • Moving from Broke to Breakthrough
  • Common Sense Financial Strategies

Career Readiness 101
  • Writing a Resume & Cover Letter
  • Job Interviewing 101
  • Career Attire
  • Becoming the Best Employee
  • Public Speaking 101
  • Developing Effective Writing Skills
  • Top Tips to Effective Sales

Estate Planning
  • Five Steps to Homeownership
  • Estate Planning & Life Insurance
  • Refinancing & Consolidation Loans

Keys to Growing Your Business
  • Give Value First
  • Protect Your Cash
  • Hard Work Pays Off

Ministry Leader Courses


Ministry Leader Certification
  • Getting Started with The Life of a Single Mom
  • The Life of a Single Mom is Here for You
  • Expanding Your Ministry
  • Top Things You Need to Know About Single Moms
  • 5 Things You Need to Know as a Leader
  • Avoiding Ministry Leader Burnout
  • Leading with Character
  • Ministry Leader Certification

Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers
  • Volunteer Best Practices
  • How to Give Feedback to Your Team
  • Giving Feedback to Volunteers
  • Honoring Your Volunteers
  • Handling Church Hurt

Leading a Team
  • Leading with the Character of Christ
  • Dealing with Difficult People

Ministering During the Holidays
  • Ministering During the Holidays

Navigating Pastoral Relationships
  • 5 Tips for Navigating Pastoral Relationships
  • Honoring Your Pastors

Serving Single Moms
  • 5 Tips to Serving Any Single Mom
  • How to Embrace Grace
  • No Time for Whining
  • Why Do Small Groups Matter

Honor & Character
  • Establishing Boundaries in Your Ministry
  • Battling Loneliness in Ministry
  • Handling Criticism
  • Leading with Character

Ministering Sexual Truths in Love
  • Ministering Sexual Truths in Love

Ministry Leader Basics
  • Planning a Successful Event
  • Fundraising for Your Event
  • Troubleshooting Within Your Group
  • 5 Strategies to Maximize Support for Your Single Mom Ministry

Courses Overview.

Single Mom University® courses are designed to teach financial security, positive parenting habits, career preparation, and self-care. Classes incorporate curriculum in three core areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness.

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