Frequently Asked Questions.

You can register for SMU at the Get Started link on the bottom of the home page of SMU.  A credit card is required for access to SMU with an auto-renewal requirement.  Once access is gained, a student may start with any category: Parenting, Finances, Health & Wellness, or Ministry Leader’s Corner.
Because SMU is not an accredited university, we do not offer degrees at this time. However, we do offer a certificate of completion after each course completed, as well as a graduation program, after 80% of our available classes are completed. What this means for you is that upon graduation from Single Mom University, you become an SMU alum, receiving special promotions, programs, and insider news from The Life of a Single Mom for a lifetime!
SMU is not an accredited university at this time and we do not represent ourselves as such. We are an online, self-paced, classroom that teaches life skills that were created to enhance the quality of life of single mothers and support group leaders who work with them. We do not compete with any accredited university, but rather act as a complement to degree-pursuant universities.
SMU is an online life skills program created for single moms to enhance existing life skills and discover new ones. Each class is self-paced and designed with the busy single mom in mind. Our mission at Single Mom University is to see each single mother discover her God-given destiny and live the life she was intended to live. We will push you to expand your horizons, broaden your understanding, and grow in three critical areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness. Our purpose is to move the gauge forward in the lives of single mothers, so that she is compelled to parent better, understand herself more deeply, and more fully utilize effective financial management skills. Beyond that, SMU brings great content for teaching in small group studies and specific instruction for group facilitators through our Ministry Leader’s Corner.
SMU is designed to invest in the lives of single mothers  who want to parent better, develop effective financial management skills, and enhance a variety of emotional and workplace skillsets. Additionally, Ministry Leaders who are working with single moms at church, in the community, or in a small group setting also have a special Ministry Leaders track designed to help you with that journey.
The cost of SMU is $19.95 monthly or $199.95 yearly.  Scholarships are available and can be applied for online.
Scholarships are available to single moms who need financial aid. To apply, click the link on the home page of SMU.  Awards are based upon various criteria, which reflect the values and purposes of the scholarship recipient.
To sponsor a single mom click the Sponsor a Single Mom form on the home page of Single Mom University,  or you can donate any amount online at .
A computer, iPad, phone, or similar device is all that is required to log in and take courses. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary software or hardware that is essential to completing SMU classes.
Each classroom was designed with a 10-minutes video lesson. The video must be watched in completion in order to move on to take the corresponding quiz.  A passing rate of 80% is required to complete a lesson. Homework assignments are included in the class as well as additional resources for continued learning. Completion certificates can be optionally downloaded and printed for any class and maintained for personal records.
In the event a student has a technical concern, a customer complaint, or simply requests additional information, they can email and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate department or party.
A link to a pdf version of the handbook can be found on the My Dashboard page just above the listed courses.
Once a student has competed a minimum of 80% of available classes in any given month, that student can apply for graduation. Upon approval of the submitted essay, the student shall be considered a graduate of SMU and will become an official alumni of the university.
Once a student becomes an official alumni of the university, the student’s email and additional identifying information will be retained for the purpose of contact about any future alumni programs or events offered by SMU or The Life of a Single Mom (TLSM).

Courses Overview.

Single Mom University courses are designed to teach financial security, positive parenting habits, career preparation, and self-care. Classes incorporate curriculum in three core areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness.

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Whether you are parenting boys or girls, toddlers or teens, SMU’s Parenting section has something for you! The goal of each module is to equip you with practical knowledge that can be easily implemented into your parenting techniques.
SMU’s Financial Modules are designed to help you go to the next level in your financial goals. Whether it be planning for your children’s educational futures, rectifying a poor credit history, or planning a career for your future, our financial education is sure to help you!
The last person whose needs get address are our own! This is why more than 90% of single mothers surveyed through The Life of a Single Mom indicated they are overwhelmed and stressed. SMU’s Health & Wellness classes were designed with busy single mothers in mind. Classes address such areas as healthy eating on a budget, getting exercise when time is limited, effective self-care techniques, and spiritual wholeness, among others.

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