Breaking Cycles

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Get ready to learn about breaking cycles with Jennifer Maggio!

    1. Think back to your childhood. What are the top 5 things you remember? Be honest with yourself. Are good memories coming up? Or, are they bad memories? If they are bad memories, write them down. Afterward, take the paper and destroy it. Pray over it and ask God to help ease the hurt you feel from these memories.
    2. Have you ever stepped out of line with your children regarding the words you’ve used or even hit them when you shouldn’t have? Take this time to make amends, no matter how young or old your child may be. Sit with them and explain that you are guilty of repeating an abusive cycle, and you want to break it. Ask for their forgiveness and, if they are able, ask them to help hold you accountable for your behavior. This is a great first step in breaking cycles of your past!
    3. As you move towards changing your behavior, you may find yourself in a bit of an identity crisis, which, let’s face it, CHANGE IS SCARY! However, knowing who you are in Christ is the most crucial aspect. Take time to read the article “Finding Your Identity” by Shaylah Coogan to help you find your path. Click HERE to start reading.
    4. The best way to deal with triggers is to have a plan in place. Take this time to sit and write out an action plan of new actions that you can turn to instead of using your former unhealthy coping mechanisms. Be creative. Include fun things you can do with your kids and things that you enjoy doing alone. Include a list of phone numbers of people you can trust to talk you through a triggering moment. Keep a copy of this with you at all times.

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