Change Your Self Talk

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Get ready to change your self talk with some advice from Genette Howard!

    1. Write 5 positive statements about yourself. Say them aloud and then post them somewhere you will be reminded.
    2. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says for us to take every thought captive. The best way to do this is to physically and verbally say aloud every time a negative thought comes in your mind that *insert negative words here* cannot take occupancy in your mind today.  You then replace it with scripture, truth that God says about you.  Example would be if you feel like you are not enough, you would say “words of worthlessness are not welcome in my mind and cannot take occupancy in there today.  Today, I choose to believe that God loves me enough to send Jesus to die for me.  I am loved. I am chosen. I am the daughter of the King.” Continue to do this until it becomes a habit.
    3. Small, doable changes always lead to large successes. Try removing the word “can’t” from your vocabulary just for one week. Journal what effects it has had on your relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself.
    4. Remember that the words you use to describe yourself will also fall upon the ears of your children and change their self talk and self awareness.  Check out this lesson on The Power of a Mom’s Words right here in SMU and get some great advice from Karol Ladd.
    5. For more advice on ways to change your self talk, check out our founder, Jennifer Maggio’s book, Peace and the Single Mom: 50 Moments of Calm in the Chaos.