Goodbye and Hello

SMU AdministratorHealth & Wellness

Get ready to learn the importance of saying goodbye to one season and hello to the next with Nicole Smithee!

  1. Many of us don’t like change. We get into a comfort zone and stay there. But there are seasons of new relationships, friends, careers, and times of closing old doors. Think of Spring and how the new always brings on a fresh adventure and hope for what is to come. With Spring comes new flowers from dead looking trees. It brings birds chirping a renewed spirit. Look up Isaiah 43:18-19 and be reminded that God is amazing at creating all things new!
  2. What has God called you to say Goodbye to this year? What will be hard about that? What will be easy? Remember that walking out of one door doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Remember all the great memories and look forward to the even better memories to come. If the last season was a tough one, remember all the times God has brought you through and be prepared for this new season of new blessings!
  3. To some, walking out of old seasons, even out of abusive situations, can be scary. Although it is coming to something positive, it is now leaving comfortable and walking into uncomfortable. This can bring on fear as well. Know that as a daughter of the Most High King, fear has no control. For more help with battling fear when saying goodbye to one season and hello to another, check out Freedom From Fear here in SMU.