Goodbye and Hello

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Get ready to learn how to say goodbye to old seasons and hello to the hope in new ones from Nicole Reyes!

  1. Many of us don’t like change. We get into a comfort zone and stay there. But there are seasons of new relationships, friends, careers, and times of closing old doors. Look up Isaiah 43:18-19. Journal what this means to you. New may wreck your nerves, but God does wonders when we let go and let him lead.
  2. What has God called you to say goodbye to this year? What will be hard about that? What will be easy? What new adventures are on the horizon?
  3. Saying goodbye and closing doors is not always a bad thing.  Many times when we say goodbye to one thing, it is opening up room to something else that leads us to get closer to God and closer to others along the way.  We get to say goodbye to things we may have outgrown and hello to new challenges that will mold us.
  4. When saying goodbye to make room for hello, remember that Nothing is Impossible!  God is One that has no limits!  He can turn what looks impossible into FABULOUS!  Keep trusting in him and know that he never fails and is always faithful!
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