Making a Budget: 10-10-80 Rule

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Get ready to learn and understand making a budget with the 10-10-80 rule with Steve Repak!

  1. Making a budget is the first action plan to take when trying to get out of debt and be in control of your finances. Make sure to put every single expense on your plan- even the little things such as gas, money for vending machines at work, etc. Everything you spend money on needs to be on your budget.
  2. STICK TO IT! Change is hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would be out of debt and living life to the fullest. Training yourself to do something different than the social norm will feel strange at first, but keep doing it. When things get hard, and you want to give in to old patterns, remember that God is your strength in every weakness. Check out the course Breaking Cycles when you need some added motivation.
  3. Identify an area that you can reduce your spending (eating out, hobbies, utility usage, etc.). Looking at your new financial plan can help you see where you have been spending an abundant amount of money that you may not have been aware of before.
  4. Sign up for the Jumpstart Your Finances reading plan on You Version Bible App
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