Self Respect vs. Self Esteem

SMU AdministratorParenting

Get ready to learn about self respect versus self esteem with Jill Garner!

  1. Explain Jill’s analogy of the mirror and the window she used in her teaching. How can you implement this into your parenting? How can you teach your children to use the same teaching in their own lives when it comes to this principle?
  2. How might damaged self esteem heal from understanding a godly view of self respect? How can you help guide your children to understand how God views them?
  3. Take an index card and list words that God uses to describe you. Store it in a place you can refer to often. Some good places to find God’s descriptions of His children is Ephesians 2, Psalms 139, and Colossians 3.
  4. Parenting children is not for the weak at heart. Teaching your children the importance of valuing themselves without putting pressure on themselves to be perfect is tricky. Jill Savage has great advice in her course The Perfection Infection here in SMU. See if that may give pointers on more ways to demonstrate the value God places on your children.