Surviving Financial Crisis

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Get ready as we learn from Jennifer Maggio tips of surviving financial crisis!

  1. Create a financial plan that fits your needs. Determine whether you need to increase your income or cut back in expenses or both. Write your plan down.
  2. Financial crises happen more often than anyone wants to admit.  Finding help from others is beneficial, as well as learning how to overcome it.  Check out this website for more advice and information about surviving financial crisis.
  3. Commit to taking additional financial education classes in the next 60 days (online or in-person) to further enhance your understanding of your finances.  Financial Peace University is a great start!  Dave Ramsey is one of the leaders in teaching others how to handle their finances, get out of debt, and realize that cash is king.  You can check out his website HERE.
  4. Find a financial mentor who can hold you accountable and help you implement financial strategies.  Meet with her in the next 14 days to begin this process.
  5. There is so much information right here in SMU as well!  Check out this course on Using Finances Responsibly for more help!