Surviving Financial Crisis

SMU AdministratorFinances

Get ready to learn about surviving financial crisis with Jennifer Maggio!

  1. Create a financial plan that fits your needs. Determine whether you need to increase your income or cut back in expenses or both. Write your plan down and stick with it!
  2. Visit this website to learn more about surviving a financial crisis.
  3. Commit to taking additional financial education classes in the next 60 days (online or in-person) to further enhance your understanding of your finances. Great recommendations are anything with Dave Ramsey and other classes here in SMU, such as Responsible Finances. The more you learn about your finances and how to stay in control, the better.
  4. Take some time to learn about tithing and the importance of this act of sacrifice. Look in Malachi and read how God said for the people to test Him only in this area and watch how He blessed them. God is a multiplier, not a divider, and will give abundantly to His children.
  5. Find a financial mentor who can hold you accountable and help you implement financial strategies.  Meet with her in the next 14 days to begin this process. If you are struggling with doing a budget, make sure to bring this up to her and see if they have any advice that could help you along the way.