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The Life of a Single Mom has been ministering to single mothers for more than a decade. When we started, there were very little resources, tools, and support on the market to help those who were in ministry to single mothers. It often felt like we were knocking down walls in a completely uncharted territory. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you! Over the past decade, The Life of a Single Mom has been able to serve over 406,000 single moms through our various programs and services. Our goal is to ensure that no single mom walks alone. One of the ways we do that is by encouraging, equipping, and empowering YOU – the single mom ministry leader! To date, we have worked with thousands of churches and community groups, including corporations, colleges, and nonprofits, to establish, grow, or improve a single moms’ ministry plan. We help build outreach plans, support groups, and events. Whether you are new to single mom’s ministry or have been doing it for years, The Life of a Single Mom Ministry Leader Certification can help you be a better leader, learn the pitfalls to avoid, and grow your single moms' ministry! This certification allows you to download a completion certificate and use The Life of a Single Mom's national brand, as well as receive preferred certification status on our national map for your single mom's group and 10% off one purchase in our TLSM store, and so much more! To learn more about it, check it out, HERE! For more ways to grow as a ministry leader, join our Single Mom University special Ministry Leader track. This unique platform provides you with instant curriculum (more than 100 courses) to teach your single mothers, but also provides you with special leadership courses to empower you along the way. As an added bonus, you'll receive access to 4 free ebooks with leader's guides to be utilized for small group discussion. To enroll, visit HERE!

“It should be the mission of every Christian to find the lost, broken, hurting, and isolated. Ministering to single mothers does just that.
~Jennifer Maggio, SMU Director

By the time you complete this certification, you will have received:


Become more confident in your leadership skills. Did you know that many single mom’s ministry leaders often worry that they aren’t “doing enough”. They fear they lack the skills necessary to make a meaningful impact. Let us teach you leadership principles that will not only help you reach more single moms, but unearth the leader that God created you to be.


We are often asked questions like “What does The Life of a Single Mom Do?” or “What Resources are out there to support me as I minister to single moms?” We offer tons of free resources, as well as low-cost curriculum, services, and tools that will help you along your journey in single moms’ ministry. Learn how we established the mission and vision of seeing no single mom walk alone, how to reach unchurched single moms, and ways to grow your ministry.


There are critical errors that many ministry leaders make, when ministering to the single parent family. We’ll help you identify the top mistakes many single mom ministry leaders are making, avoid them, and grow your ministry, all at the same time. The more you know, the more you grow. We want you to carry the passion of seeing no single mom walk alone in your community and church.


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