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Welcome to the Single Mom University® Course Catalog. We've got hundreds of classes in Parenting, Finances, Health & Wellness, and even a special ministry leadership track for single mom support group leaders!

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Parenting Courses


Helping Your Children Thrive
  • Children & Trauma
  • Helping Your Child Through Divorce or Loss
  • Having Tough Conversations with Your Children

Navigating Parenting Seasons
  • Parenting for First Time Moms
  • Parenting for Pre-Teens & Teens
  • Parenting Young Adult Children
  • Techniques for Dealing with Toddler Tantrums
  • I Have a Baby, Now What?

Single Moms Raising Boys
  • Raising Boys as the Next Generation for Christ
  • Being a Step Ahead of the Battle
  • Mentoring Support for Your Son

The Daddy Gap
  • Unprotected - Raising Girls Alone
  • Tell Me There's a Plan for Us
  • Raising Girls Alone

Adult Children 101
  • Navigating Through Empty Nest
  • Establishing Boundaries with Adult Children
  • Learning to Let Go

The Perfection Infection
  • The Perfection Infection
  • No More Perfect Kids Pt. 1
  • No More Perfect Kids Pt. 2

  • Forgiving Your Ex
  • Co-Parenting

A Single Mom in the Life of Special Needs
  • Support
  • Education and Training
  • Referrals

Single Parenting 101
  • Five Parenting Tips
  • The 4 C's of Parenting
  • Lose the Mom Guilt
  • Evaluating the "I" in Parenting
  • Parenting Difficult Children

Instant Stress Relief for Moms on the Move
  • Stress Relief 101
  • Change Your Self Talk
  • Expect the Unexpected

Positive Parenting
  • The Power of a Mom's Attitude
  • The Power of a Mom's Example
  • The Power of a Mom's Words
  • Things Single Moms Can Do to Positively Impact Their Children

Raising Respectful Kids
  • Self Respect vs. Self Esteem
  • Coach vs. Cheerleader
  • Repetition as a Discipline

Health & Wellness Courses


Preparing for Marriage
  • Navigating Blended Family Living
  • Dating Best Practices
  • Helping Your Child Adjust to New Marriage
  • Preparing to Blend

  • Self-Care pt. 1
  • Self-Care pt. 2
  • Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer
  • Refueling Your Spirit When You're Running On Empty

Navigating the New
  • Goodbye and Hello
  • Excess Baggage
  • Fear Not

Freedom from the Past
  • Soul Ties
  • Navigating the Shame Vault
  • Breaking Cycles
  • How to Walk in Freedom

Get Moving!
  • Top Benefits of Exercise
  • Top Ways to Integrate Exercise
  • Ways to Get Moving

Single Mom & Trauma
  • Identifying Types of Trauma & Its Effects
  • The 4 F's of Trauma
  • Developing a Trauma Care Plan

Strong Mental Health
  • Battling Anxiety
  • Developing a Strong Support Team
  • Mental Health & Walking with God
  • Counseling 101
  • Battling the Blues

Dating: How & When
  • Dating: How & When
  • Signs You're Dating Mr. Wrong
  • 6 Tips for Dating as a Single Mom

Healthy Sexuality
  • Every Single Woman's Battle
  • Becoming Completely His
  • The Fantasy Fallacy
  • Practical Tips to Put Down Porn

Overcoming Abuse
  • Surviving & Overcoming Abuse
  • Effective Coping Skills
  • Moving Past Your Past

Help for Busy Moms
  • Time, Balance, and Priority
  • Schedule Like a Pro
  • Evaluate & Adjust

Sex & Dating
  • Why Purity?
  • Identifying Toads, the Counterfeits
  • Establishing Dating Boundaries
  • Sex & Lies

The Battle
  • Strength in the Battle
  • Battling Well
  • Secrets to Success with Difficult People pt.1
  • Secrets to Success with Difficult People pt.2
  • Conflict Resolution

Eating Healthy
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • How to Eat Right When You are Busy
  • How to Choose the Best Foods

No More Excuses
  • No Room for Doubt
  • Nothing is Impossible

Growing with God
  • Where is God in Crisis?
  • Top Ways to Grow Your Faith
  • Devotional Time: How, Why, When?
  • An Effective Prayer Life

Freedom from Fear
  • Freedom from Fear
  • The Power of Love
  • Soul Wounds

Christianity 101
  • How to Hear the Voice of God
  • How to Be a Christian
  • How to Pray
  • How to Grow Your Faith
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit

Financial Courses


Planning for Your Financial Future
  • Planning for Your Child's College
  • Retirement Planning & Strategies
  • Moving From Lack to Abundance

Responsible Finances
  • Making a Budget: 10-10-80 Rule
  • Budgeting: Spreadsheets & Tracking
  • 25 Ways to Save
  • Tithing as a Single Mom

Credit & Finances
  • Credit Score Basics
  • Credit & Debt
  • Saving & Investing

Money Matters
  • Why Money Management Matters
  • Surviving Financial Crisis

Entrepreneurship 101
  • Building Your Brand
  • Starting a Business from the Ground Up
  • Developing a Strong Work-From-Home Business
  • Biblical Principles in Entrepreneurship

Career Development
  • Best Practices When Looking for a Job
  • Top Things Every Woman in the Workplace Should Know
  • Shattering Glass Vases

Poor Mind, Poor Life
  • Identifying & Overcoming the Poverty Mindset
  • Moving from Broke to Breakthrough
  • Common Sense Financial Strategies

Career Readiness 101
  • Writing a Resume & Cover Letter
  • Job Interviewing 101
  • Career Attire
  • Becoming the Best Employee
  • Public Speaking 101
  • Developing Effective Writing Skills
  • Top Tips to Effective Sales

Estate Planning
  • Five Steps to Homeownership
  • Estate Planning & Life Insurance
  • Refinancing & Consolidation Loans

Keys to Growing Your Business
  • Give Value First
  • Protect Your Cash
  • Hard Work Pays Off

Ministry Leader Courses


Getting Started with The Life of a Single Mom
  • The Single Mom Support Group Training Quick Start Guide
  • How We Help You
  • Expanding Your Ministry
  • Top Things You Need to Know About Single Moms
  • 5 Things You Need to Know as a Leader

Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers
  • Volunteer Best Practices
  • How to Give Feedback to Your Team
  • Giving Feedback to Volunteers
  • Honoring Your Volunteers

Leading a Team
  • Leading with the Character of Christ
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Leading with Character

    Navigating Pastoral Relationships
    • 5 Tips for Navigating Pastoral Relationships
    • Honoring Your Pastors

    Single Mom Service Basics
    • 5 Tips to Serving Any Single Mom
    • How to Embrace Grace
    • No Time for Whining
    • Why Do Small Groups Matter

    Ministering to Trauma Victims
    • Establishing Trust
    • Identifying & Navigating Shame for Trauma Victims
    • How to Help Moms Recover from Trauma

    Protecting Your Heart in Leadership
    • Establishing Boundaries in Your Ministry
    • Battling Loneliness in Ministry
    • Handling Criticism
    • Handling Church Hurt

    Sex & Ministry
    • Beyond the Sex
    • Sexual Purity: Yours & Theirs

    Ministry Leader Basics
    • Top 7 Things You Should be Doing in Ministry
    • Planning a Successful Event
    • Fundraising for Your Event
    • Troubleshooting Within Your Group
    • 5 Strategies to Maximize Support for Your Single Mom Ministry
    • Avoiding Ministry Leader Burnout

    Single Mom Ministry Group Leader Discussion Guides

    Included with your Ministry Leader access, our Leader Discussion Guides are the perfect tool to lead your single mom support group! Now, Ministry Leader Students have special access to 8 Bible studies: A Brand New You, Financial Freedom, Sex & Dating, Single Parenting 101, Learning to Battle Well, Single Parenting 202, Marriage Prep 101, and Growing in Your Walk With God. Each of these 8-week guides gives you all the necessary tools to lead your next group meeting. Each lesson corresponds with a video on the SMU platform and includes an introduction to the lesson, icebreaker ideas, discussion questions, and prayer prompts. We are equipping each of our leaders to thrive in ministry!

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    Single Mom University® courses are designed to teach financial security, positive parenting habits, career preparation, and self-care. Classes incorporate curriculum in three core areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness.

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